First time home buyers vs Investors

First Time Buyers Compete with Investors I came across this article the other day. On the surface, it’s a fair representation of the market for first time home buyers. The article focuses heavily on the disadvantages felt by first time home buyers competing with investors. But, the issue is not the presence of competition, rather it […]

Zillow and the “Blue Dot” Pre-Foreclosure

Zillow and Pre-Foreclosures Don’t be fooled by a sudden listing on Zillow that is incredibly low priced. First, see if it has a “blue dot” and the words “pre-foreclosure”. If so, move on. The house isn’t for sale. Zillow, like all real estate websites, acquires public data. Aside from actually listed properties (namely listings posted by […]

Thinking of buying a foreclosure?

Pay Attention a Foreclosure is not Always For Sale Our friends at Zillow have clouded the market with how they provide “possible sales”. Please note; they are not alone. All real estate websites and apps do this, but we’ll use Zillow as the example. If you look through listings on these sites and apps, you […]

Considering Multi-Family for Investing? New app to help…

While our business is primarily focused on how we can buy and renovate properties to redevelop them into homes for new buyers or hold them as rental properties – we are also advocates for other investors. But not all investors are long-term players. Many are just getting into the business with the purchase of a […]

Connecticut Sales and Market Update – 2019

Another lovely article reminding us how Connecticut has yet to recover (particularly in real estate) from the 2008 recession. But, what is encouraging is the direction that things are heading in. The article mentions that home sales did start to slow down and the median price has been generally lower. But, for the first time […]

2019 is a year to sell your home (USA Today)

Every year, markets are predicted as being up or down years for buying and selling real estate. It’s always good to stay on top of these reports and articles. This article from USA Today gives some good reasons to consider selling before the year is up. Why You Should Sell Your Home in 2019 Housing […]

Foreclosure? Be informed before you do anything

It’s unfortunate, but foreclosure is a reality for more people than we realize. It’s nothing to take lightly. Anyone facing a possible foreclosure has so many things to deal with, not the least of which is the stress and anxiety of ‘what happens next’? We are often asked “how can GLG Homes help me out”? […]

Hidden Costs of Selling a Home

Seems like every time you turn around, someone is publishing a report of some flavor about the ups and/or downs of real estate. But, this is a good thing. Third party information helps our decision process. Especially for homeowners who are selling their house. Zillow published its “Hidden Costs of Selling” for 2019. And – […]