Four Reasons for Choosing Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Deciding on a Deed in Lieu can Help Avoid the Major Impacts of a Foreclosure When homeowners find themselves unable to meet their mortgage obligations, they often face the daunting decision of foreclosure. However, an alternative option known as a “deed in lieu of foreclosure” provides several advantages worth considering. In this blog post, we […]

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure: Understanding the Differences

Homeowners Who Fall Behind in Mortgage Payments Face the Risk of a Short Sale or Foreclosure When homeowners face financial difficulties and struggle to make mortgage payments, they may find themselves considering options like short sales or foreclosures. Both short sales and foreclosures are processes that can help homeowners in distress find a way out […]

Home Sellers Market – the Risk and Reward 

In a sellers market, not every house sells quick or above list price When real estate favors a particular side, in this case the seller, a home for sale tends to be listed for more money than it is worth in an average market. Unfortunately, many real estate agents do not do enough diligence. They […]

Selling a House – Top 10 Home Inspection Failures

Top 10 Inspections that Cause Seller Headaches when Selling a Home Once under contract, the home buyer has the right to inspect a home before moving ahead with the purchase.  This inspection is normally performed by a licensed home inspector or maybe a general contractor who the buyer knows and trusts. During the inspection, the […]

House not Selling in a Hot Sellers Market

So why is my house not selling even in this hot seller’s market? After talking it over with multiple realtors you listed house on the market. Sure, you and your agent expected it would sell quickly. But you haven’t received any offers and showing requests have been few and far between. As the days have passed […]

Bungalow house renovation, new stair design

We purchased this bungalow house with a plan for a full renovation. This accounted for every room in the house from basement to attic bedroom. But, the most important aspect of the project was the kitchen and attic (bedroom) access. In order to gain more functional space with a compelling kitchen design, we needed a […]

Pandemic Leads Buyers to Expect More

Selling a House Means Preparing for Buyers, Pandemic Raised the Bar For anyone looking to sell a house, there has always been an expectation of having the house “show ready”. Meaning, cleaned and de-cluttered or possibly staged in order to make the best impression with buyers. But the COVID pandemic has changed how we look […]