Alenier Renovation Project

Project is Underway for this Renovation on Alenier Street

The sellers had a long-term tenant who decided it was time and was moving out. We met with the sellers and took a brief walk through the house and property. The big question was whether to help them list it on the MLS or buy it direct. After looking over the condition of things, they decided to list it on the MLS. But, the tenant took longer to leave and things changed. Seller called us back to consider a direct purchase. We knew the general condition of the house and we agreed to a fair market price.

Bungalow House Renovation

The house on Alenier street is a bungalow built in the 40’s. Typical layout with the upper (attic) floor being finished into a bedroom. Unused basement space and a clunky living, dining and kitchen room layouts. Stairs going up are through the kitchen and cut out a big part of the kitchen’s functional space. Taking into account the yard, garage and deck work needed, we outlined the following game plan.

Project Scope of Work
  • Re-design living and dining room space
  • Build out new closets in bedrooms
  • Fully renovate full bath
  • Finish basement
  • Build in a new half bath and washer/dryer room
  • Fully renovate kitchen
  • Repair, replace and refinish all wood floors
  • Install new tile flooring in kitchen and bath
  • Replace all windows and doors
  • Replace all lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Upgrade plumbing and electrical mechanicals
  • Replace water heater, install new baseboard heating
  • Build new stairs to upper bedroom
  • Repair and replace decking
  • Install new garage door, clean, paint and repair garage siding
  • Landscaping, tree de-limbing and removal as needed

First Time Home Buyer Appeal

Our goal for this project is to turn it into a home that will easily pass lending criteria for VA and FHA loans. We use this approach for a few reasons. First, to keep the team focused on ensuring all work is done to code (we always pull permits). Second, to ensure our requirements for quality and finish are met. And last, to alleviate buyer stress when purchasing a home that needs work.

Alenier Project Updates

The project timeline from purchase date to listing date is expected to be 10-12 weeks, but we know that’s going to be a challenge. This is due to the nation’s supply chain issues and delivery delays. To meet our goal, we will push our project ahead as best as we can, but we do prepare in advance for possible delays. Curious to see how this one is progressing? Follow along on Facebook or check back here.

Looking to Sell Your House?

We are always searching for homes that may not be a perfect fit for listing on the MLS. To address this, and while we can always help with listing your house on the MLS, we have a mission that benefits sellers and buyers. We focus on buying homes to be renovated to meet the average home buyer needs. The average home buyer is looking to purchase a home that doesn’t require much (if any) work and is fairly priced. These homes could be a first time home buyer or someone who has owned before and is looking to step up a bit. So, if you have a house and you need (or are at least considering) to sell – give us a call. There are three simple steps to sell without a Realtor. We will put forward and offer and work to close on your timeline. No gimmicks or games. If our offer works for you, we will have our attorney start the title work and get things moving. Call us at 203-486-8868. Thanks.

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