Selling Your House Now – Opportunity or Necessity?

Selling a House Now can be Bountiful or Challenging We all thought that the real estate market last year was going to be a train wreck. The impact of COVID was sure to devastate the real estate market. Complete opposite. The 2020 year for real estate was unprecedented. And, so far, 2021 shows the same […]

Selling a House As-Is vs Retail

Selling “As-Is” versus “Retail” I talk about this a lot because at least once a week, someone asks me the difference. And sometimes, it is a Realtor. There is a general understanding that putting a house for sale “as-is” means there is no expected negotiation due to condition. Generally, that is true. What is misunderstood […]

Connecticut home value continues to rise

Selling your house? Connecticut home values continue to rise Earlier this year we started looking at how the market would react once the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold. As we’ve talked about before, especially since the start of March, the impact of the COVID-19 virus left everybody wondering what direction the economy would head. When […]

Selling a house, but not on the MLS? Be informed!

Not selling your house on the MLS? Know your options and know your buyer! Too often we hear the horror stories from people selling a house and they didn’t like the buyer or it fell apart. Yes, we buy houses to renovate (remodel, rehab, whatever you want to to call it) and then either rent […]

Seller Financing the Sale of a House

 What is Seller Financing the Sale of a House? Seller financing is one of the easiest, and oldest, ways of buying and selling a home. It is also referred to as “owner financing” or “lease-purchase”. But note; it is not the same as “lease-option” (we can explain those differences later). It works best when both […]

6 Quick Smart Home Upgrades

Simple Upgrades for a Smart Home There are options galore to create a ‘smart home’. From the simplest of changes such as an energy-intelligent thermostat to fully automated features connected to voice technologies (e.g. “Alexa”). On the surface, a $1,000 to add smart home technology sounds like splurge spending. How many of us want to […]

Before you Sell a Home – Check the Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Helps Sell a Home When a homeowner decides to sell their house, one of the most overlooked aspects is its energy efficiency. There is a lot of focus put on how the house looks and (not always) enough on how the house will perform for heating and cooling. There are dozens of tips […]

Steps when Selling a SmartHome

Sellers, take note – yes, buyers like homes that are ‘smart’ or at least tech-friendly More and more, our homes are becoming connected to the digital world. Whether it’s a thermostat control or a voice system to remind you about upcoming events, the appeal of a smart home is growing. Especially if it’s already in […]