Selling a House with Open Permits – Buyers May Cancel

If you had work done on your home, make sure the permits are closed out before putting it on the market Youtube: Selling a House with Open Permits Most homeowners avoid pulling permits when doing work on their home. Bad idea. But, many do it anyway. If you are one of the small crowd that […]

Real Estate Bubble Burst and Recession Repeat?

A Recession is Likely Ahead of Us, but not Due to Real Estate Home Sales In 2006 and 2007, home sales were reaching “an unprecedented pricing level” in home prices. Houses were selling for prices that seemed unrealistic and unsustainable. Sounds familiar, right? The 2019-2022 real estate market has home sales at the highest levels […]

Home Sellers Market – the Risk and Reward 

In a sellers market, not every house sells quick or above list price When real estate favors a particular side, in this case the seller, a home for sale tends to be listed for more money than it is worth in an average market. Unfortunately, many real estate agents do not do enough diligence. They […]

Unpermitted Home Remodel Risks when Selling

Your Home has Remodel or Repair Work but it was Unpermitted So you did the remodeling or maybe just some overdue large repairs. And, like most people, you used reputable contractors. Maybe they were friends or family members or maybe just someone you knew. Problem is, no one pulled permits for the work or told […]

House not Selling in a Hot Sellers Market

So why is my house not selling even in this hot seller’s market? After talking it over with multiple realtors you listed house on the market. Sure, you and your agent expected it would sell quickly. But you haven’t received any offers and showing requests have been few and far between. As the days have passed […]

Wholesale Real Estate – the Good, Bad and Ugly

Selling your house by wholesale can have good, bad or just a plain ugly result We all get the calls and text messages. “I want to buy your house with cash and close quickly.” Yes, even investors (like us) get these calls. And working with a wholesale real estate investor can be a great outcome […]