Luxury Vinyl Plank vs. Hardwood: A Four Point Comparison

Vinyl Plank or Hardwood are Popular and Very Different but Both Add Value When it comes to flooring options, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and hardwood are two popular choices that offer distinct advantages. While hardwood has long been synonymous with elegance and natural beauty, luxury vinyl plank has gained significant popularity for its affordability, durability, […]

Renovating Historic or Older Homes, Risks and Considerations

Historic or Built pre-1930, Consider this before Renovating Renovating a historic home, or even on just built before 1930, can be an exciting endeavor. These homes offering an opportunity to restore and preserve a piece of architectural history. However, it’s essential to recognize the unique challenges and risks involved in renovating such properties. Even just […]

Bungalow house renovation, new stair design

We purchased this bungalow house with a plan for a full renovation. This accounted for every room in the house from basement to attic bedroom. But, the most important aspect of the project was the kitchen and attic (bedroom) access. In order to gain more functional space with a compelling kitchen design, we needed a […]