Selling a house, but not on the MLS? Be informed!

Not selling your house on the MLS? Know your options and know your buyer!

Too often we hear the horror stories from people selling a house and they didn’t like the buyer or it fell apart. Yes, we buy houses to renovate (remodel, rehab, whatever you want to to call it) and then either rent or resell. Some call it “flipping” a house, but believe me – there is a difference. People who “flip” homes are commonly more of a basic upgrade of cabinets, paint and some fixtures. Organizations, companies and teams who renovate / remodel a property are usually putting a lot more capital and effort into the house. From infrastructure and mechanicals to roofing and siding. Building in driveways or full outdoor entertainment areas. And, of course, completely gutting out existing interior space and re-shaping it to meet the demands and desires of today’s buyers.

Selling to an investor – look them up

We strongly encourage you research the buyer. If you aren’t using the MLS and a realtor to sell your house – make sure you have some insight to the buyer. Are they going to buy it and renovate it? Or, are they just a wholesaler looking to assign the contract to someone else? No big deal, as long as they have an active (and qualified) buyers list.

Anyone who approaches you with an offer and a contract for purchase should be prepared to complete the transaction. If they start talking about “bringing in my investor partner” – this is usually the sign of a wholesaler. Again, not an issue if that wholesaler is legitimate and has a qualified buyers list. But a lot of people try to wholesale as a side hustle. And if they don’t have that buyers list – guess who suffers? Not them. You do.

Know all of your selling options

There are always options when selling a house. It all depends on what is best suited to your goals, needs and situation. Additionally, just because one group offers you something doesn’t mean you can’t entertain other offers. Sure, if we make you an offer to purchase your house we want to be the only ones that you are talking to. But that’s not reality. And if you find someone offering you better money or terms – okay. No problem. As long as you were able to explore all options and make an informed decision – that is what matters.

So, make sure you know who you are selling to and what options you can consider. Want to learn more? Give us a call, email or text. 203-993-6700. Real estate is all we do and we’re happy to help.


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