Foreclosure? Be informed before you do anything

foreclosure facts judgement

foreclosure facts judgementIt’s unfortunate, but foreclosure is a reality for more people than we realize. It’s nothing to take lightly. Anyone facing a possible foreclosure has so many things to deal with, not the least of which is the stress and anxiety of ‘what happens next’?

We are often asked “how can GLG Homes help me out”? Well, there are options for any situation and we’re happy to discuss and explain. But, first we suggest that you become a bit more informed. Understand the steps and the timelines. Who’s involved and what’s expected or needed of you. Once you know what’s involved and what’s specific to your state (example; CT is a strict-foreclosure state, but others are not), then you start looking at your options. Don’t rush to simply sell your home or, worse yet, leave the keys and walk away. Be informed, then explore your options.  

Here are some resources that could help you get a better understanding and the steps you need to start taking.

Connecticut specific:

General information:

We’re always here to help. Best of luck and feel free to contact us – even if it’s just to hear a friendly voice.


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