Hidden Costs of Selling a Home

hidden costs of buying selling home

hidden costs of buying selling homeSeems like every time you turn around, someone is publishing a report of some flavor about the ups and/or downs of real estate. But, this is a good thing. Third party information helps our decision process. Especially for homeowners who are selling their house.

Zillow published its “Hidden Costs of Selling” for 2019.

And – shocker – it costs a fair amount of money TO SELL YOUR HOME. Wait, what? It costs money to the Seller? Well, sure. Aside from the agent commission, the seller is also responsible for transfer fees and taxes. Additionally, they may have out-of-pocket expenses in the form of attorneys or eating part the closing costs.

One simple alternative – to saving at least the agent commission – is to sell your home directly to an investor. Hmm, think I know one. 😉

If you need to sell your home, or simply want to know what an alternative price could be, give us a call. The more you know about your options to sell, the better positioned you are to make a decision about what makes sense for you and your needs.

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