5 Reasons to Run from a “FSBO”

risk buying for sale by owner house

risk buying for sale by owner houseOkay, so a few days ago I posted a blog about an article from an insurance group about the “8 Tips of buying a For Sale by Owner.” It’s a good article for a few different reasons and there are some good pointers they provide.

But, that said – this article might make you think twice. I have to admit, the skeleton graphic does add a little humor – but it’s more true than not. A FSBO (For Sale By Owner) works well for some but not for all. For many FSBO properties, it is a severe waiting game. Mainly because these sellers don’t invest in the marketing of the property. But the deals are viewable on the major real estate sites/apps (you know the ones) so some argue that’s all that you need.

Here’s the article if you want another perspective that is a little more blunt.

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