Sites to help you know your home’s value

determine your home value

As consumers, we have more options today than ever before. (And I’ll make that same point in a year or less…) There are resources available to us for anything that we are thinking about buying or selling. The best part is that these tools and the information is readily available on our phones, tablets and computers. And it is free!

So, like anything else you want to buy or sell, be an informed consumer. Here are a list of sites that offer FREE home evaluations based on your house address. Now, these aren’t going to be perfect guides, but they will give you some idea of what a home buyer may be ready to spend on your home. Some of the sites will provide maps and lists of nearby homes that may be equal to yours. Again, not perfect but it will give you some information. And that information is key when you go to sell (or buy) a home.

As always, we are here if you want to discuss selling your home without putting it on the market. We are always ready to make an offer. No games. No gimmicks. No hard sales pitch.

Good luck and check these sites out!

The picture above is the tool that is available from Chase bank.


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