Fourth Street – Closing and Reno Gallery

We closed on this property on March 8, 2019. The Seller was faced with a difficult decision. Back in November, 2018 – the house was for sale. When he stopped by one afternoon to open it up in time for an Agent and Buyer meeting, he walked in to hear…water. The pipes had burst and there was 2″ of standing water on the main level. Water was cascading down the walls in the foyer, bay window and shooting out from the sink faucet of the kitchen. Most of the baseboard heating was cracked. The boiler was shot and needed to be replaced. What a nightmare and talk about a sickening feeling (as a Seller).

When we met him it was December. The insurance company had a local contractor perform basic repairs to get the heating online and a new boiler was installed. But the house was not able to be sold without full repairs. And, those repairs would only have returned the house to a basic working order. Far from what today’s Buyers have come to desire and expect.

So, we sat down and discussed his options. Ultimately, we arrived at a financial solution that met the Seller’s goals and ours. Win-win!

We will post updates on this property as we progress through it, but look for it to be on the market in early May, 2019.

Fourth Street Gallery

As always, if you need a hand with selling your home – we’re here to help.


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