2019 Trends Coming to an End

2019 trends coming to an end

Trends to Watch (Coming to an End)

It’s no secret, most of us love looking at home design. And, just like clothing, home design is filled with trends that come and go. From the simple or clean designs to those that are more intricate or ‘charming’, the process of home design is a journey we all enjoy pursuing. But what to do? Fortunately, there are resources abound to help us formulate a vision. But, equally abundant, there are design choices that do not have a lasting appeal. Granted, maybe even thankfully, some of those trends won’t see past 2019.

First and Foremost – Design for Yourself

Any good realtor will tell you not to over-invest in making updates or improvements to your home if you plan to sell it. While this is sound advice, the same realtor will (should) tell you that doing updates and improvements are for you. Not for the future buyer. And their rationale is both simple and valid. As has been proven so many times, home design styles do come back.

We may be real estate investors buying properties to renovate and then either sell or rent, but at our core – we love home design. Renovation planning isn’t something you do from a template. Paying attention to consumer desires is part of our business. And, for that reason, we are always searching for news on trends.

Are you curious about which styles were forecasted to come to an end? The following article is a list of predictions made at the start of 2019. And quite a few of them did take a backseat. Personally, I have to admit that the bold wallpaper is a trend I’m glad to see coming to an end.

The 15 Most Overused Home Decorating Trends That You Won’t See in 2019

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